Real Estate Photography Packages

  Everyone knows pictures are worth 1000 words, so why not express what you want the buyer/lessee to understand in the best way possible. Unlike many real estate photographers, my pricing is not based on or limited by the number of photographs. My prices are based on the square footage of the property. I will provide the number of photographs that will accurately represent the property. For smaller properties, that number may be in the 7 to 10 image range. Larger properties will most likely have a larger number of images. Interior and exterior photographs will be taken as will photographs of community amenities such as pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds if they are accessible.


  • Small Residence (under 1500 sq. ft.) - $149.95 (7-10 images)

  • Medium Residence (1501 – 3500 sq. ft.) - $199.95 (10-15 images)

  • Large Residence (3501 – 4500 sq. ft.) - $224.95 (15-20 images)

  • Homes larger that 4500 sq. ft. - Call for Quotes

Additional photos can be purchased a la carte.


  You will be provided with


  • Downloadable images of the property in both high resolution and reduced resolution versions

  • The ability for the agent to rename the images in the tour and to add a description to each image

  • The ability to quickly and easily share your images with various social media sites


  All photographs will be delivered as high resolution files suitable for print advertising, as well as reduced sized files ready to be uploaded into the MLS. All photographs will be delivered electronically through email via file share program. All photography includes appropriate post process editing, including cropping. Specialty image editing is available (contact for pricing).


  Also Available as an extra feature HD videos of the virtual tour (which can be uploaded to YouTube/burned onto a DVD) and/or a printable property flyer with photographs, property description and agent contact information that can be modified by the agent (contact for pricing).


  A travel allowance may be charged for photography outside of the Chicago Land Area and close suburbs.

  Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal.

Preparing Your Home


  • Remove clutter from bookshelves, fireplace mantles, coffee tables, bedrooms, kids' rooms, kitchen, and anywhere else photographs will be taken.

  • Remove personal or family photographs.

  • Open all window coverings to make rooms appear brighter and larger.

  • Turn on all lights and replace all burned out light bulbs.

  • Conceal garbage and recycle containers.

  • Clear kitchen counter tops and remove all pictures and magnets from refrigerator.

  • Keep floor coverings such as throw rugs to a minimum.

  • Remove table coverings.

  • Remove all signs of pets including food/water bowls, pet beds, chew toys, crates, etc.

  • Clear bathroom counter tops, lower toilet lids, and put out nicest towels.

  • Empty shower or tub of soaps, shampoos, shaving items, caddies, etc.

  • Hide valuables and medications.


  • Conceal all trash, yard waste and recycle bins.

  • Move vehicles out of driveways and away from the front of the property.

  • Make sure hedges, shrubs, lawn etc. are neatly trimmed and leaves are raked.

  • Conceal gardening tools, mowers etc.

  • Remove or coil hoses.

  • Remove kids' toys and/or pet toys.

  • Open patio umbrellas and set out cushions.

  • Clean up all pet feces (photographer may walk through yard/garden to get various shots)

Terms of Service

Please contact me via e-mail ( or telephone 708.707.7127 no less than 48 hours before your preferred shoot time. Most homes can be shot in 2 hours although some photoshoots may take longer.

                                              The Shoot:
The homeowner or someone authorized by the homeowner (the agent) should be present at the beginning or during the shoot to give access to the home and to discuss any special considerations such as what should be included or excluded in the shots. My goal at the shoot is to provide at least 7-10 quality images minimal (depending on the size of the house) that include a front exterior, back exterior and all the major rooms such as living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and bedrooms. Powder rooms, small bathrooms, utility rooms or garages are not a shooting priority unless you give me direction otherwise.

Please make sure pets are contained during the shoot. Pets are never included in photographs and need to be out of the room during the shoot.

                                         Cancellation Policy:
If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, please give me a 24 hours notice.

                                           Photo Delivery:
Once the photos are shot they will be edited and optimized for quality and delivered to you via e-mail within 48 hours.

                                    Photo Rights and Usage:
All images produced for the client may be used by the agent for all marketing associated with the current sale of the property in accordance with the local MLS rules. Any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer.